Benefits to the Environment

The majority of the electricity we consume is generated by non renewable sources that release greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

86% of North America’s power comes from polluting sources:

North America’s Power comes from polluting sources


These greenhouse gas emissions are causing serious harm to our planet:

Smog and air pollution

  • Rising global surface temperature (global warming)
  • Rising sea levels - increasing floods and submerging low-lying landmasses
  • Shrinking glacier volume – leading to water supply concerns and floods
  • Smog and air pollution – negatively impacting our cardiovascular, pulmonary and reproductive systems.

There are several environmental benefits of choosing solar power energy:

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Source:

Unlike traditional depleting sources of power like coal and natural gas, the sun’s power is unlimited and available everywhere in the world.

Green and Clean:

Solar power energy does not produce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

Minimal Impact to the Environment:

Solar panels are not invasive to the environment. They do not produce noise pollution, let off any form of scent and are made out of commonly available materials.

Reduce Carbon Emissions Released into the Atmosphere:

By using solar powered energy, you will be replacing the electricity you currently use, which releases greenhouse gas emissions, with clean, renewable solar power. You will therefore be reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of polluting emissions released into the atmosphere.