Benefits to Customers

Our customers benefit from:

Over 1.8 million customers
  • No up front costs and hassles – Hudson Energy Solar assumes monetary responsibility for permitting, installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance of the solar PV arrays.
  • Savings – Our customers may receive significantly lower rates on the solar electricity generated by the system.
  • Ownership of solar PV systems – Our customers will have the option to acquire ownership of the systems after the agreement expires.
  • Transfer of ownership – We offer flexibility to assign the agreement to a new property owner if the property is sold before the expiration of the agreement.
  • Buy with confidence –  You can take comfort in knowing you have chosen an established energy supplier capable of meeting your long and short-term needs.
  • Extensive experience and expertise – Our North American presence makes us one of the few energy suppliers in the industry with the caliber, scope and depth of experience and expertise to serve 1.8 million customers across North America.
  • Corporate reputation – By supporting renewable energy through participation in our solar program, you can enhance your corporate reputation and demonstrate to the increasing number of environmentally- conscious consumers your commitment to the environment.

Enhance your corporate reputation through our solar program

Enhance corporate reputation

Fact: Your customers are concerned about the environment.

  • At least one in three customers consider their environmental impact when choosing service providers.
  • More than one-third of surveyed respondents say they would pay more for environmentally friendly products.

Source: Mintel Oxygen Reports

Companies who participate in our program demonstrate social and environmental responsibility by taking action to reduce their carbon footprint and support the generation of renewable power. Promoted properly, this action will help strengthen your brand and create:

  • Brand loyalty – More and more people are concerned about the environment and willing to stay loyal to a brand that demonstrates a commitment to the environment.
  • Employee Retention – Employees like the general public, are also concerned about the environment and are more likely to identify with an employer whose principles are aligned to their values.
  • Competitive advantage – Being recognized as a green leader can differentiate your brand from your competitors and provide an advantage by appealing to a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.