Benefits of the Program

The Hudson Energy Solar Power Program offers:

Estimated electricity savings

Economic Benefits

Hudson Energy Solar assumes responsibility for all of the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the solar PV array. Our customers may also enjoy significant discounts on their electric rates for an extended period of time (up to 20 years).
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The graph is based on historical rates of inflation using a speculative 5% escalator for energy rates without our solar program and a 2.5% escalator for our solar program rates.

Environmental benefits of solar power

Environmental Benefits

Unlike traditional forms of electric generation, solar panels do not release carbon emissions. They also have very little impact on the environment as they do not deplete natural resources, generate noise pollution or smell. Learn more

Environmental leadership

Environmental Leadership Benefits

Our Solar Power Program allows you to become an environmental leader. Promoted properly, this can help strengthen your corporate reputation and create a competitive advantage, build brand loyalty and enhance employee retention. Learn more